Twin Flames – Words of Wisdom

Posted on January 2, 2013 by admin

This video strives to touch on the romantic essence of the Twin Flames. From the begining of time, humans have searched for their perfect mate, always feeling an emptiness inside which they know only one particular person can fill. This person may or not be incarnated at the same time as them, so they carry this deep longing within themselves from lifetime to lifetime, fervently hoping to meet the other half of their soul.

Helen Demetriou is a Cyprus based qualified Metaphysical and Complimentary Therapist, Angel Lightworker and the founder of AngelCraft Healing Therapy. Helen uses a combination of science and art to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul, having a close connection and relationship with the Angels, Archangels, Saints and Ascended masters. With their guidance and energy she is able to alleviate pain and stress and soothe emotional imbalances.



  1. Kate
    5 years ago

    Dear Helen,
    I just watched some of your videos and the Words of Wisdom one touched me deeply. My twin flame and I have found each other. We have both had great sorrow and sadness in our lives. He recognized me before I recognized him. Actually I ran away lol. But we have been friends, and lovers, for the past three years. Sadly, he is married and I am separated from my spouse who abused me emotionally and physically. My twin and I love each other unconditionally. But he does not want to leave his wife for me. I don’t want him too. But he is me and I am him. Currently we are not in much communication unless we meet. He has cut phone and e-mail communication to honor his marriage. But we are lost without each other and cannot be apart nor be without one another for very long. We got found out but we still remain close. We carry on with our own lives but I cannot follow my heart if he does not do the same.

  2. Angela
    5 years ago

    I have met my twin flame, and I will do anything to be with him, the bond is so strong, and becomes stronger and stronger, pulling each other closer, and closer to one another, and the current relationship I am in I am not happy and need to end it quickly.
    For I can tell our meeting is growing closer and closer.Thanks for sharing all this information, has been a blessing to me today, and reconfirmed what I already know, I have my twin flame for sure.