Twin Flame Ascension Healing

With the guidance of the matron Goddess of twin flames and the romance Angels, Helen has channeled a healing system especially designed to heal all fears and worries that can cause complications in reaching out to your twin flame.

Many times people hold negative thought forms about themselves where they believe that meeting their twin flame is something that will never happen to them. With this healing, Helen goes to the core of your twin flame experiences which is held within your cellular memory and she begins to coach your past life selves in the art of letting go of all guilt, regret and pain which can hinder the twin flame process.

Your Chakras are cleansed, aligned and balanced and any cords that are attached between you and any insecurities you may have regarding meeting your twin flame are cut with the help of Archangel Michael.
With Archangel Chamuel by her side, Helen focuses on your heart Chakra, encouraging it to send out its twin flame message out into the universe to be received by your twin flame.

Each healing session helps you to vibrate stronger and your message frequencies become clearer as each healing is a thorough cleansing away of any doubts and fears you hold subconsciously about being with your twin flame. It can also help to heal wounds that you have experienced in this life time regarding love and experiences you have had in romantic relationships in the past that have caused you pain.

Twin Flame Ascension sessions focuses on spiritual and emotional healing and can be performed by distance or in person as energy knows no time or distance.

For distance healing, once your payment has been confirmed, Helen will contact you to arrange a time and a date for your healing that is convenient for you both. You can consciously take part in this healing by meditating during the session or you can choose to receive it while sleeping, at work, or generally carrying on with your daily routine.

Price: $80

AngelCraft Healing Therapy

AngelCraft is a revolutionary therapy that utilizes the healing energy of the Archangels and angels to bring about an effective difference in the way we feel. It pinpoints dis-ease in the body and gives comfort and strength, healing symptomatic pain emotionally and physically. Incorporated with channeled energy, other tools are used to help with stress, anxiety and sadness, getting to the core of negative feelings. It cleanses the chakras and aura, and dissolves any blocks in the body and the body’s etheric layers.

After only one session, there is a notable difference in wellbeing and frame of mind. Some clients have reported seeing lights or even angels during a healing session. The healing energy of the Archangels and Angels is ancient, but has only now come to earth in its purest and uncontaminated form.

Clients who have received this energy noted how it strengthened their belief in angels and a number reported seeing lights or angels during a session.

Helen Demetriou is the founder of AngelCraftafter being guided during a three year period of how to develop and protect the energy. Now it is ready to be used in healing sessions and taught to anyone who feels their call to this magnificent, powerful, yet gentle energy.

Incorporated with this therapy:

*Chakra Cleansing, balancing and re-aligning
*Angelic Alignment with the Archangels
*Aura Cleansing
*Angel card reading to see what is happening in the subconscious
*Spiritual counseling with full confidentiality
*Utilizing the energy of the angels and archangels to alleviate symptoms of disease and stress

Benefits include:

*Relief from stress and anxiety
*A sense of well being
*A feeling of being at peace and relaxed
*Relief from symptomatic pain
*Receiving angel messages

Price: $125

Archangel Michael & Co. Space Clearing & Protection

Our home is our most sacred place and it is the place we most feel safe and relaxed. Through time, family upsets and traumas, a home can become over loaded with negative energy which can create more upheavals at home. Negative energy attracts negativityand we can easily become ill when our haven is polluted.

Helen brings with her Archangel Michael and the cleansing Angels when she enters your home. With her skill, experience and wisdom she is able to cleanse a space of all negativity, cleanse the Chakras of the property and harmonize the energies. Helen then proceeds to protect your space with the help of the protection Angels. She will also give you a few tips on how to keep your space fully charged with positivity and love.

Helen is able to visit your home astrally and through meditation, prayers and visualizations she can enter your home and carry out a space clearing. You will also be instructed on how you can work alongside her to ensure your space is cleansed.

Price: $185

Cord Cutting & Psychic Surgery with Archangel Michael

Whenever we meet someone an etheric cord is instantaneously attached between you both. Though not all cords are negative there can be times when a person is draining us of our energy through these cords and invading our private space.

These cords can also form between habits, addictions and traumatic memories and disable us from leading a productive and healthy life.

Working alongside Archangel Michael and his mighty sword to first cut all etheric cords, Helen then performs psychic surgery with her etheric surgical instruments, a gift from Archangel Michael, to remove these cords from the root. She then gives healing with the Help of Archangel Raphael and forms a barrier of protection around the client.

Price: $125

Chakras Cleansing & Balancing

Chakra means wheel of light and these Chakras spins and swirl around with energy. Everything is composed of energy and energy is everywhere. It encompasses all life forms and it comes in different levels. The physical – which includes the human body, objects, plants, animals and so on, the emotional – which includes feelings and thoughts and the spiritual – which is the soul and all the healing life force energy that comes from this level. Chakras are channels that exist on the ethereal plane that is the first layer of the Aura.

There are seven major Chakras and these Chakras govern individual sections of the body. Each Chakra in each area of the body governs organs, joints, emotions and spiritual information. When one section of the body is ill, it is because the Chakra that governs that section is not flowing positive energy through to the body. Open and healthy Chakras help us to maintain health and a sense of harmony. They are the main energy sources and are very important for growth, health, love and happiness.

We must constantly cleanse, balance and align our Chakras to ensure that he mind, body and soul are in good working order and communicating well with each other.

During a cleansing and balancing session with Helen, she scans your Chakras as you lay comfortably on the healing couch. Using visualization and energy she is able to harmonize your Chakras while teaching you the basic reasons for any blockages or any unbalances you may have.

Price: $50